Round and round we ran: 800 repeats on Tuesday evening. It was my first speed workout in a month. My legs weren’t used to the request to go faster. My hips held on tight. Speed work felt foreign. The mental stubbornness to not give in didn’t come naturally. It was an exercise at quieting myContinue reading “Open”


I won’t attempt to duplicate what others have already said so well on Facebook, on blogs, on instagram, on the great big world wide web. While others have been talking about this runner who so tragically died on her morning run last Monday, I have stayed quiet. I’ve been quiet not because the story didn’tContinue reading “#megsmiles”

Room to Breathe

Shedding. Stripped. Simplify. I’ve tossed around all these words since 2014 started. The concept is exactly what I need. I need less of everything in my life right now. While the root of all these words is exactly what I need, I just don’t like the words. They haven’t been working for me. Even ifContinue reading “Room to Breathe”

Starting the Year off with Balance

Today’s run objective: run an easy 4.5 miles. Definition of easy: 45 – 60 seconds slower than my half marathon goal race pace. Number translation: 9:30-9:45 minute mile pace. This run was going to be hard. My legs were feeling fresh from a rest day. I was ready to run. Go slow, go slow, goContinue reading “Starting the Year off with Balance”

Hello 2014.

This year has been a whirlwind. It’s been punctuated by some really high highs and some really low lows. Somewhere in the middle of it all, life got messy. I’ve felt out of balance for a while now, a bit overwhelmed and unravelled. I’ve learned that when these things start to happen, you do theContinue reading “Hello 2014.”