We Celebrate Finish Lines

Cole lined up with his school to run the Final Mile race at this weekend Shamrock Marathon. He was ready to go. He wanted to run fast. This is his forth year running. He’s grown up so much. This race, every single year, is a litmus test for his growth. His times have improved. He’sContinue reading “We Celebrate Finish Lines”

Breathing Room, February Edition

February always feels like of month of settling to me. I’ve recovered from the holidays. We have some breathing room (pun not intended) between Chet’s birthday and the marathon birthday cycle that comes with spring. Our family patterns always seem to settle in to place in February. This February, with my focus on bringing breathingContinue reading “Breathing Room, February Edition”

Hello 2014.

This year has been a whirlwind. It’s been punctuated by some really high highs and some really low lows. Somewhere in the middle of it all, life got messy. I’ve felt out of balance for a while now, a bit overwhelmed and unravelled. I’ve learned that when these things start to happen, you do theContinue reading “Hello 2014.”

Living, Loving, Running…and Showing Up!

Tuesday night was the kick off meeting for J&A Racing’s Live, Love, Run Team. One of the perks of being on this team is free races. I started my registration process by signing up for my favorite, the Shamrock Marathon. Marathon #3 here I come. I didn’t think much about the registration process until IContinue reading “Living, Loving, Running…and Showing Up!”

Joy! In Spirit and In Running Too.

It’s back. That place that I love so much in running found its way back to me. It has been hibernatingĀ for a few weeks (and coincidently my blog has also taken a slumber). It has been eight weeks since my hip first beganĀ its refusal to run. I nurtured it. I ran easy. I cut backContinue reading “Joy! In Spirit and In Running Too.”